Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Morning Scribble........

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I haven't had a chance to post anything interesting lately due to my heavy workload and my lack of inspiration. Lately, I have been exhausting all of my creative juices on my projects at work and it has really been taking a toll on my personal work.

My regular morning ritual is to make coffee, listen to news radio over the internet and check all of my favorite blogs and news websites. I then try and do a couple of warm up drawings to prepare me for my day...... since I have been feeling so uninspired artwise lately, I have been having trouble with the warm up drawings, so I have been forcing myself to sketch wherever and whenever I can.

Today's scribble was drawn on the glass surface of my computer desk. Nothing that impressive, but it was a small step towards chipping away at that huge wall that has been blocking my creativity.



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Christopher Thornock said...

I am sure if you called Trim, he could give you an assignment...:)