Friday, June 20, 2008


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During the downtime between all of the creative projects I am working on, I still make a strong effort to practice and expand my artistic skills. I have really been interested in image manipulation lately. I am always looking for good images to practice on. I like this type of work since there is no deadline and it helps me get better with my everyday work.

The image above is a random image I found on the internet and I thought it would be a good exercise in photo restoration. I really enjoyed the challenges this photo presented to me. After a couple hours of work, I think that I have taken the image as far as I could without losing the "look and feel" of the original photograph.



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Frank said...

That's really amazing Jack. To my eye, it's almost impossible to tell the photo has been retouched. I guess that's why you work where you do :)

I've been doing the same type of work on some old photos of my grandparents at home and have hit a few roadblocks. Someday I'll email you for some tips.