Monday, June 30, 2008

Coors Surfboard

Art Director's comp:

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Final illustration:

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A few months back I illustrated this image for the Coors surfboard promotion. This illustration was a little easier than some of the other illustrations I have done in the past. All of the work putting together the concept, sketches, and style guides were all ready decided upon before I was hired to illustrate. This makes it easier for me since I do not have to do all of the grunt work before I am able to start on the illustration. My Art Director did an excellent job pulling this together and selling this visual to the client.

This illustration has a little bit of traditional drawing and computer. This file ended up being quite large with a whole lot of layers.

I am pretty happy with the final look of this illustration. I think it does a pretty good job bringing to life what had been sold to the client.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see one of these boards in person........



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phofmann801 said...

Jack. I have one of them =).
Very cool looking indeed.