Monday, December 12, 2005

Pickled Printing Problems

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I have been so busy. It is amazing how much work I have had lately. It has been very difficult for me to try and find the time to get my sketchbook published before Christmas. To make matters worse, I have been having a hard time finding a printer to print my sketchbook. I have either had really high estimates or no reply at all. It has been very frustrating........... I thought printers liked to print jobs so that they could make money? I finally found a printer that came in with a low estimate and only a couple day turn around. I was very happy............... until I got a call from the Account Rep. that I have been dealing with. (This guy is a very nice gentleman but seems to be drinking A LOT of alcohol before he comes into work. I almost got intoxicated just from standing next to him and smelling his breath as I went over the pages of my sketchbook with him.) The Account Rep. told me that the owner of the print shop had some issues with the imagery and that he would not print the book. He said that the owner is a little religious and that the images I had drawn were offensive or evil. (Pickled images "bad", drinking while on the job "good") I was a little surprised by this. I admit that the art I create is not for everyone's taste, but I am surprised that he would not print it. It is not like my images are satanic in nature, just really bumpy and pickled. You would think that in this day and age people would be a little more open minded.

I am meeting with another print shop tomorrow. Hopefully, this one will work out. I have less than two weeks to get this sketchbook put together. The clock is ticking...........

The drawing above is from one of the fold-outs I did for the sketchbook. I had the centerfold idea from Playboy in mind when I drew this. You can't have a nice looking book without a centerfold.


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