Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pickled Printing Problems Solved.....HURRAY!!!

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Today was a good day for me. I met with my very good and amazing friend Chelli Huffman who was able to find a printer for me that would not be scared of the horrible and evil images that I have drawn. We then went to the paper store and found a nice ivory color for the guts of the book. It should be a very nice compliment to the green paper stock I used for the cover. Chelli said that the printer could get to working on the job right away. So, if all goes well..... I hope to have the pages back from the printer in a couple of days. Then, I will have to trim out the pages, collate them and then bind the books. Since I am doing that myself, it makes the cost per book a lot cheaper (which is good for my trip to Japan). I will be very happy once these are all completed and I am able to hand them out for Christmas. I still need to figure out who I will be giving these things to..... If I would have known how much work I was going to have to put into this project, I probably would have gone in a different direction for the design of this little book.


This drawing above is based on the technician who did the emissions on my truck this year. The only difference between the drawing and the actual guy is the technician did not have his hair tied in a red bow. This drawing will be included in my sketchbook sans the color. I do like this one with color, it makes the image much more dynamic. I really do prefer my images in black and white when I complete an illustration. It is very important to me that the black lines give the image value and depth. I think that is because I colored comic books for so many years. I have seen too many comic art pages that have been "saved" by a good colorist. The color design for this image is based on the old Disney character cards from the 1940's.



Dave said...

Hey there Jack. I was sold based on our conversations Friday and have begun to reconstitute my blogging identity here on blogger.com. It was good seeing you Friday night, we'll get together again soon!

Ratcrtur said...

Sounds good. I think you will like the way everything works around here. I will be sure to check out your page from time to time.

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