Monday, November 21, 2005


I did this sketch of the oni (devil) "Kobeshimi" while I was thinking about what I would like to experience while I am visiting Japan in February. I think a Noh drama would be great to experience, especially the Kyogen. Kyogen is the classical comic theater which balances the more serious Noh. While Noh is musical in nature, Kyogen emphasizes dialogue. The two are traditionally performed alternately on the same program and they share a common heritage.

I have also thought about going to a Kabuki performance. I have always been fascinated with the costumes, make-up and set design. I think it would be very beautiful and interesting to see. All of that visual stimulation would help the 5+ hour performance go by really fast.........

Another type of performance I would like to see while I am in Japan is the Bunraku. Bunraku is the Japanese form of puppet theater. Japanese consider it as a serious art form and not as entertainment for children. Bunraku is more than making puppets appear lively on a stage. It is also narrative chanting and shamisen music, by which the Japanese puppet theater is accompanied. This would be exciting as well as beautiful to see and hear. I can only hope I would get to see one of these puppets up close to see the craftsmanship that goes into each and every one.



Eric said...

This is cool! I like the rough lines showing through, makes him look etherial... thats a big word! I probably mispelled it. As your greatest admirer and fanboy, I must ask where the root of your pickled mastery lies? What brought this wonderous new obsession of yours to us? And when is the dammned book coming out?

I miss you man!

Ratcrtur said...

The root of the Pickled style lays within the realm of the cross-hatch. The obsession for me comes from the way light effects an object and translating that in 2-D with the ever so powerful line. Then I repeat that line a million times so that each line I draw overlaps the one I previously drew. It is a never ending cycle.

Basically, I really just like to cross-hatch and draw warts............ It is sort of an obsessive compulsive thing, plus I think that it looks cool.........

As far as the book goes, it will be come out when I say it will come out!!!!!! (just kidding) I am only printing 35 of the damn things. I hope to have them done by Christmas. (of course, I have saved one for you.) :)