Saturday, June 16, 2007


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Here is a Colorado Avalanche hockey player illustration I did for Coors Light last year. This illustration ended up being used for a two level, 33"w x 20"h mirror. This was an interesting job for me to work on since I have never created the final production art for a two level mirror before. The bottom level of the mirror was a "mirror-like" material with the hockey arena and Coors Light logo printed on it. The top level will be a clear acrylic material with the hockey player, puck and the Avalanche logo printed on it. It was a little challenging for me to figure out how to isolate the specific parts of the illustration and to create a convincing "3-dimensional" look from a 2-dimensional illustration. After I figured out what would be seperated out for each of the individual levels, I needed to create a white plate for the top level so that the art would not be transparent where the white or lighter areas would be printed. In the end, I was really happy about how this illustration turned out.

Unfortunately, I have never seen this hanging in a bar or liquor store. I really have tried to get one of these mirrors for myself, but have not had any luck........ (I haven't even seen one show up on ebay). I did get to see the prototype mirror and I was very impressed with the production on this piece.

Please remember to always buy Coors products.



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Frank said...

I'd love to hang one of these up in my dad's bar if you can ever figure out how to snag one!