Friday, March 30, 2007


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The March/April issue of Hooters Magazine is out on the stands. So, that means another advertisement for Coors Light drawn by me. I really enjoyed working on this illustration. Parts of it were challenging, but overall it was a good time. This ad is my favorite so far, because the woman in the illustration is loosely based on my wife. I didn't use any photo reference or try to capture a likeness of her, I think it is the attitude and pose is what reminds me of her so much. I am also fond of the colors in this one. This is the only ad so far that the background colors didn't follow the "cold cues" of Coors Light.

There was a little trouble when this ad was printed, somewhere between sending the disc off to the printer and being published in the actual magazine, the headline, legal, and Mt. Icon dissapeared and failed to show up on the printed piece. Not really sure how that happened .......

The image above is how it should have looked in the magazine.

Please remember to always buy Coors products.



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