Monday, November 10, 2008



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Here is another quick exercise for me. I am working on simplifying the brush strokes to imply detail without going overboard on rendering...... not sure if I am quite there yet.




Christopher Thornock said...

Jack, thanks for the comments on my work however, I can't read your them. I don't speak Japanese. I gotta use babelfish to translate and they I am sure I am not getting the full translation. :) By the way, nice digital work. Post more often, would ya!

Christopher Thornock said...

This is how it turned out. (by the way I lost your email.)
Crith, You think that your self-portrait is splendid is possible and is. Especially you thought that the writing brush using and selection of system of color are good. Some day we would like to have drawing also my self-portrait by all means in you. It is splendid! Jack