Monday, October 23, 2006

Missing Doughboy

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I have very sad news to report today.... 19 days ago I mailed out my custom Pillsbury Doughboy to a P.O. Box in Los Angeles for the "Yeast Infection" show. Well, the show curator "el maz" sent me an email letting me know that he had not received it yet. Remember, this was 19 days ago........... so, it looks like the USPS has lost my "Pandane Kaibutsukun" custom Pillsbury Doughboy. When asked, the Post Office stated that they have no idea where the package is......... Thankfully, I did insure him........ but the process to claim the insurance value is complicated and a pain in the ass.

Hopefully, he is sitting around somewhere at the Post Office waiting to be found..... If not, I hope who ever received him has given him a good home and appreciates all of the time and effort put into him.

Please come home Pandane Kaibutsukun, you have a family that misses you.


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Anonymous said...

Ok, I read back and now I get it! He is awsome.... love the work... keep it up!