Friday, June 30, 2006




"ME" (not Jesus)


These pics are from the opening night of "Follow the Munny" at Capsule Gallery. (isn't it amazing how much the flash from the camera can ruin your pictures?) It was a really great show with a lot of really great entries. I was very impressed with the level of art that was at this show. It is truly amazing that Denver actually has a vinyl scene, albeit a little one...... but at least there is actually something going on here.
Friday (July 14th) there will be a "Closing" of the show. (My little guys finally get to come home from a long vacation at the Capsule.) There will be fun and activities for all. If you happen to live in the Denver area, the "Closing" of the Follow the Munny show will be the place to be on Friday night. The "Closing" will start around and 7:00 pm and is located at:

Capsule Gallery
554 Santa Fe
Denver, CO

Try and stop by and say "HI" if you are in the area.


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